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Figure 2

From: Very rapid long-distance sea crossing by a migratory bird

Figure 2

Geotracked migratory routes of four Icelandic whimbrels (Numenius phaeopus islandicus) between breeding sites in Iceland and wintering areas in West Africa during post-nuptial/autumn (left) and pre-nuptial/spring (right) migration.

Track sections are coloured as a function of ground speed. All individuals flew non-stop in Autumn whilst two made a stop-over in the UK or Ireland in Spring (details in Table 1). Maps created using R 3.1.2 using packages ggplot2, ggmap, raster and RgoogleMaps33 (image data providers: US Dept. of State Geographer © 2016 Google) in WSG 48 coordinate reference system.

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