Table 4: Equations used to calculate the autotrophic and heterotrophic carbon budget.

From: Heterotrophy promotes the re-establishment of photosynthate translocation in a symbiotic coral after heat stress

ρ*=Tremblay et al.20,71
Cinc=Tremblay et al.20
PC(theoretical)=RH + RS + ρS  + ρH + ρPOC + ρDOCTremblay et al.20,71
CL*=RC + ρPOC + ρDOC = PC − ρS − ρHTremblay et al.20,71
TS*=PC − ρS − RSTremblay et al.20,71
ρPOC + ρDOC=CL − RC = (PC − ρS −ρH) − RCTremblay et al.20,71
CZAR=Muscatine et al.19 Grottoli et al.28
CTAR=This paper
CHAR=Grottoli et al.28
  1. *The percentage of fixed carbon remaining (CR) in symbionts or coral host as well as the percentage of CL and TS was obtained by dividing ρ or CL or TS by PC, and multiplying by 100.