Figure 1 : Effect of heat stress and heterotrophy on the main physiological parameters of Stylophora pistillata.

From: Heterotrophy promotes the re-establishment of photosynthate translocation in a symbiotic coral after heat stress

Figure 1

(a) Symbiont concentration, (b) gross photosynthesis, PC, (c) holobiont respiration, RC, (d) host respiration, RH, (e) symbiont respiration, RS, and (f) calcification, CC, for fed and unfed nubbins over the course of heat stress (day 28) and recovering (day 56). Data are expressed as means ± standard error of the mean of n = 4 measurements. Bars with different letters (A to E) are significantly different (p < 0.05). CTF: control temperature and fed; CTU: control temperature and unfed; HTF: high temperature and fed; and HTU: high temperature and unfed. Day 28: samples in HTF and HTU were taken 28 days after the start of the heat stress at 31 °C; Day 56: samples in HTF and HTU tanks under the recovering process, taken 28 days after the end of the heat stress.