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Figure 4

From: Changes in urinary metabolomic profile during relapsing renal vasculitis

Figure 4

Urinary metabolite profile of patients with active and remission vasculitis.

(A) PLS-DA of binned LS-MS spectra of human urine samples from patients with active renal vasculitis (, n = 28) against cases in remission (, n = 104). PLS-DA weightings identify key metabolites associated with active renal vasculitis. (B) Receiver operator characteristic curve showing the prediction accuracy of the binary logistic model based on citric acid and myo-Inositol with area under the curve (AUC) = 0.922 (95% CI 0.849–0.970, p = 0.001). (C) Variable importance in the project (VIP) scores summarising the predictive value of each metabolite in identifying active renal vasculitis. Values above 1 indicate a useful marker.

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