Figure 4 : Mass spectrometric detection of CP4 EPSPS in the NK603 genetically modified maize.

From: An integrated multi-omics analysis of the NK603 Roundup-tolerant GM maize reveals metabolism disturbances caused by the transformation process

Figure 4

Two different peptides from Agrobacterium sp. 3-phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferase have been detected (gLGNASGAAVATHLDHR and lAGGEDVADLR) in all different samples allowing semi-quantitation (A) Reporter intensity ion values pertaining for CP4 EPSPS in the different samples of the two cultivations. (B) Localization of the peptides on the CP4 EPSPS (in grey) (C) Spectrum from the detection of the lAGGEDVADLR pertaining to Agrobacterium CP4 EPSPS (cultivation 1 of NK603).