Figure 2 : Retinotopic reconstructions of attention and expectation effects.

From: Local expectation violations result in global activity gain in primary visual cortex

Figure 2

(a) Reconstruction of the BOLD response to the grating stimuli in V1, based on the contrast ‘All trials – baseline’. Dashed white circls indicate the location of the gratings, in retinotopic space. (b) Reconstruction of the spatial attention effect, based on the contrast ‘Attention left – Attention right’. (c) Reconstruction of the expectation effect. That is, ‘Cued grating Unexpected – Expected’. We collapsed over trials in which the left and right gratings were cued by first flipping the reconstructions of the ‘cued right’ trials horizontally, to move them into the reference frame of the ‘cued left’ trials, before averaging. See Supplementary Figure S1 for separate reconstructions for ‘cued left’ and ‘cued right’ trials.