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Figure 2

From: Labeling and analysis of chicken taste buds using molecular markers in oral epithelial sheets

Figure 2

Photomicrographs illustrate the distribution of Vimentin (green) and α-Gustducin (red) immunoreactivity in taste buds in an epithelial sheet from the base of the oral cavity in a P3 male chicken.

(A) Photomicrographs taken under a fluorescent stereomicroscope show the overlapping distribution of Vimentin and α-Gustducin immunosignals in taste buds. (B) Laser-scanning confocal photomicrographs (Z projection) were taken at high magnification to show individual taste buds in a cluster. Vimentin and α-Gustducin signals were seen in all taste buds and largely overlapped in the taste bud cells. Taste buds were arranged in a rosette pattern. (C) 3-D images taken under a 2-photon microscope illustrate the separated individual and ovoid-shaped buds surrounding a salivary gland opening. Scale bar: 500 μm in (A), 25 μm in (B), 50 μm in (C).

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