Figure 1 : Inhibitory effects of (A) anabasine, (B) eugenol, and (C) thymol against 4 strains of C. bombi.

From: Bumble bee parasite strains vary in resistance to phytochemicals

Figure 1

Points indicate EC50 values in ppm phytochemical. Error bars show 95% credible intervals derived from Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo model fit (see Materials and Methods). For each strain (x axis) and phytochemical (vertically arranged panels), model fit was derived from growth on a 96-well plate at 6 phytochemical concentrations (n = 8 (anabasine), 6 (eugenol), or 7 (thymol) replicate samples per concentration). See Supplementary Figures S1–S3 for complete dose-response curves and confidence bands from the fitted models, and Supplementary Figure S4 for representative growth curves of OD over time.