Figure 6 : Proteasome inhibition restores paired-pulse facilitation (PPF), USP14 as well as SNARE- proteins and calcium chelation normalizes proteasomal activity.

From: Sphingosine 1-phosphate lyase ablation disrupts presynaptic architecture and function via an ubiquitin- proteasome mediated mechanism

Figure 6

Hippocampal slices from control and SPLfl/fl/Nes mice were incubated in the absence (black traces) or presence (red traces) of 15 μM epoxomicin (Epoxo) for 5 h. (a) PPF n: slices/mice, control: 15/6, SPLfl/fl/Nes: 16/7 (two-way ANOVA, Pgenotype = 0.0009, PEpoxo = 0.0003). (bd) immunoblotting of USP14 and SNARE-proteins (two-way ANOVA, PUSP14,genotype = 0.0125, PUSP14,Epoxo = 0.0251, PSyntaxin 1,genotype = 0.0315, PSyntaxin 1,Epoxo = 0.0138, PVAMP2, genotype = 0.0390, PVAMP2,Epoxo = 0.0426). (e) Neurons were incubated in the presence of the calcium chelator BAPTA-AM (5 μM, 1 h) and proteasomal activity was assessed (two-way ANOVA, P= 0.0003).