Figure 5 : Ablation of SPL leads to an elevation of UPS activity and a decreased expression of USP14.

From: Sphingosine 1-phosphate lyase ablation disrupts presynaptic architecture and function via an ubiquitin- proteasome mediated mechanism

Figure 5

Experiments were performed in brains of SPLfl/fl/Nes mice at the indicated ages. (a) Age-dependent increase of ubiquitinated proteins (two-way ANOVA, Pgenotype = 0.0058, Ptime = 0.0284). (b) increase of proteasomal activity (two-way ANOVA, Pgenotype = 0.0058). (d) expression of USP14 (two-way ANOVA, Pgenotype < 0.0001).(e) transcript levels of USP14. (c,f) immunoprecipitation of ubiquitinated (Ub) proteins followed by Western blotting of synapsin-1 and USP14 (unpaired t-test, PSynapsin-1 = 0.0239, PUSP14 = 0.0231).