Figure 2 : Subcellular morphology of asymmetrical synapses in CA1 region of murine hippocampus following ablation of SPL.

From: Sphingosine 1-phosphate lyase ablation disrupts presynaptic architecture and function via an ubiquitin- proteasome mediated mechanism

Figure 2

Representative electron micrographs of hippocampal synapses from controls (n = 3) and SPLfl/fl/Nesmice (n = 3) (a). sv, synaptic vesicles, d, dendritic spines, e, endosomal profile, ccv, clathrin coated vesicle, m, mitochondrion. Thick arrows indicate synaptic contacts. (b) bar graph showing average SV density within 100, 200, and 300 nm regions from the border of the active zone; (n = 62 synapses from 3 animals; ***P < 0.0001, two-tailed t-test). (c) frequency distribution of SV diameters from CA1 presynaptic boutons from control and SPLfl/fl/Nesmice, mean ± SEM, 36.0 ± 0.3 vs 30.3 ± 0.2, n = 460; P < 0.0001, two-tailed t-test). Solid lines represent Gaussian fits for each distribution. (d) expression of dynamin-1 in hippocampal lysates of control and SPLfl/fl/Nesmice (P = 0.0003, two-tailed t-test).