Table 1 Victim information.

From: Observations of severe and lethal coalitionary attacks in wild mountain gorillas

Event date Male Victim Natal Group Known relatives in attacking group Injuries sustained Outcome
2004 Inshuti (16 yo) Shinda 3 maternal nephews Foot partially crushed (bite wound); lacerations on feet and hands (); deep axillary lacerations; scratches to the face; missing fingertip; missing tissue from ear.
Figure 1

Hand lacerations from the 2004 attack.

Photograph courtesy of Chris Whittier.

2010 Bikwit (19 yo) Susa Unknown Necropsy of partially decomposed body revealed deep axillary lacerations plus lacerations on arms and hands. Seen bleeding heavily shortly after escaping but additional specific injuries unknown. Died*
2013 Inshuti (25 yo) Shinda 1 maternal nephew Bleeding profusely from wounds on face and legs; eye swollen shut 24 hours later. Survived
  1. tDuring the attack the observers were unable to identify the victim. The body recovered on June 13 was conclusively identified as Bikwi, a known silverback that had dispersed from group Susa.
  2. *Last seen alive on June 1 bleeding profusely, breathing heavily, and not moving. Body of an adult male with severe peri-mortem injuries consistent with the attack was found June 13 in the same area of the forest.