Figure 4 : Nuclear IN reorganization in the PIC occurs in the absence of LEDGF/p75-mediated chromatin tethering.

From: Dynamic Oligomerization of Integrase Orchestrates HIV Nuclear Entry

Figure 4

(A) Western blot showing LEDGF/p75 depletion in LEDGF/p75KD cell lines and the complementation with the respective LEDGF/p75 truncations. (B) Representative confocal images of LEDGF/p75-depleted cells complemented with wild-type (LEDGF/p75BC) or mutant LEDGF/p7593–530 or LEDGF/p75AT- during interphase and mitosis, stained for DAPI (blue) and immunostained for LEDGF/p75 (red). LEDGF/p75BC but not LEDGF/p7593–530 binds mitotic chromatin. (C) Mean FRET ratios of VSV-G pseudotyped viral complexes (HIVIN-mTFP1+IN-mVenus) in the stable cell lines expressing the LEDGF/p75 constructs (LEDGF/p7593–530, LEDGF/p75AT- and LEDGF/p75BC) compared to LEDGF/p75KD cells. (D) Mean FRET ratios of VSV-G pseudotyped viral complexes (HIVIN-mTFP1+IN-mVenus) in LEDGF/p75325–530 and LEDGF/p75325–530;D366N transfected LEDGF/p75KD cells. White bars: cytoplasm; grey bars: nucleus; KD = knockdown; BC = back-complemented. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the intensity and FRET ratios in the cytoplasm and nucleus were statistically different (p-value < 0.001). (***p-value < 0.001, *p-value < 0.05 and n.s. = not significant).