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Figure 3

From: Rotating lattice single crystal architecture on the surface of glass

Figure 3

Laser-induced Sb2S3 RLS crystal architecture on the surface of 16SbI3–84Sb2S3 glass.

First, a laser-induced line #0 was created by slowly ramping the power density from 0 to 90 μW/μm2 in 5s, followed by steady exposure for 60 s and then by moving the laser spot at a scanning speed of 20 μm/s. Scale bar corresponds to 5 μm. New lines (#1–#7) were formed from the end of the initial line (#0) at 20 μm/s scanning speed, 90 μW/μm2 power density and 1s initial exposure. Scale bar corresponds to 5 μm. SEM image is shown in (a), and crystal orientation deviation (COD) maps in (b) are relative to lattice orientation at the end of line #0. Quantitative changes of the orientation are plotted in (c) as a function of distance from the starting point of the lines. Arrows and the numbers on COD map (b) describe the axis and direction of the unit cell rotations, and their corresponding rotation rates (Θ°/μm), respectively.

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