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Figure 3

From: Cascading and Parallelising Curvilinear Inertial Focusing Systems for High Volume, Wide Size Distribution, Separation and Concentration of Particles

Figure 3

Particle size distribution results for a three stage cascade (500, 300 and 200 μm high spirals) operated sequentially after approximately 2 recirculations per device (the focused outlet is continuously re-injected in the spiral until it runs down to 50 mL left in the inlet reservoir).

The bead sizes ranged from 1 μm to 300 μm with concentrations as indicated in Table S5. Initial sample particle size distribution and subsequent distributions present at the focused (a) and unfocused (b) outlet from each device profile size. Volume % corresponds to the volume of particles detected for a particular size range divided by the total volume of particles detected (cf. Performance Characterization section for further details).

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