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Figure 1

From: Vertical flow array chips reliably identify cell types from single-cell mRNA sequencing experiments

Figure 1

Schematic structure of the vertical flow array chip and flow-cell device.

(a) The vertical flow chips contain 100 microchambers with beads providing porous reaction fields. Each microchamber features a different cell-id tag sequence in the DNA probes immobilized on the beads. (b) Fluorescence microscopy image of the VFAC with trapped cells, where small white dots indicate individual cells. (c) Structure of DNA probes on the beads for mRNA trapping and 1st cDNA synthesis. (d) Schematic diagram of 2nd strand synthesis on beads. (e) Workflow of sample preparation for gene expression analysis using VFACs. Second-strand synthesis and subsequent steps were performed in a tube containing the VFAC.

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