Scientific Reports 3: Article number: 1811; published online: 09 May 2013; updated: 03 November 2016

A recent study has reported that the structure of known compound 1 should be revised (revised compound 1, Fig. 1)1. We are aware that the structure of compound 1 reported in our Article is incorrect and should be revised. In addition, the structure of compound 1a should also be revised in the Article and Supplementary Information (Fig. 1). Revised compound 1a was the final product (HPLC purified) and was used in the pull-down experiments reported in the paper.

Figure 1
figure 1

Revised structures.

The structure of compound 4 (Supplementary Information) should also be revised (Fig. 1). Revised Compound 4 was not used in any of the biological studies reported in our paper, and is an intermediate in the synthesis of revised compound 1a. These revised structures do not affect the central conclusions of the paper, because the biological active groups (bis-phenol) are unchanged.