Figure 9 : MicroPET/CT Imaging.

From: Fluselenamyl: A Novel Benzoselenazole Derivative for PET Detection of Amyloid Plaques (Aβ) in Alzheimer’s Disease

Figure 9

APP/PS1 and WT mice (15 months old; n = 3; closely age-matched) were injected intravenously with HPLC-purified [18F]-9 (5.032 MBq). Representative PET static images of brain (Coronal, Axial, and Sagittal View) were obtained from 15–30 min post intravenous injection, and co-registered with CT for an anatomical reference. The scale shows a range (Min-Max) of 0–2.046 × 105 Bq/mL. Bottom: APP/PS1 mouse, Top. WT mouse. While arrow indicates cortex, the arrowhead depicts cerebellum; Note higher retention of [18F]-9 in the brains of APP/PS1 (bottom) compared with WT counterpart (top).