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Figure 6

From: Independent Long Fingers are not Essential for a Grasping Hand

Figure 6

Body and hand segment angles measured during the MAT.

Acronyms: TL - trunk lateral motion (a); TF - trunk forward motion (b); TR - trunk rotation (c); SF/E - shoulder girdle flexion/extension (d); SE/D - shoulder girdle elevation/depression (e); GA/A - glenohumeral abduction/adduction (f); GFF/BE - glenohumeral forward-flexion/backward-extension (g); GF/E - glenohumeral horizontal flexion/extension (h); MCPF/E – metacarpophalangeal joint flexion/extension; PIPF/E – proximal interphalangeal joint flexion/extension (i); IA – index-middle fingers abduction; MA – middle-ring fingers abduction; RA – ring-little fingers abduction (j). The MCP and PIP angles were recorded for each long finger. The IA, MA and RA refer to the MCP joints abduction/adduction DoF.

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