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Figure 3

From: Independent Long Fingers are not Essential for a Grasping Hand

Figure 3


(a) Representative angular trajectories of the DoF of the humerus and of the index finger for one subject while “lifting a light object” in configuration B (mean values ± standard deviation). Positive values denote flexion and abduction. (b) Average CMs of the eight body segment angles in configuration A (continuous lines) and B (dashed lines). Asterisks denote statistical differences between configurations A and B (one tailed paired t-test; turning page: TR, p = 0.004; SE/D, p = 0.006; GFF/BE, p = 0.001; GF/E, p = 8∙10−4; tripod grasp: TL, p = 0.02; SF/E, p = 0.005; SE/D, p = 0.006). The diagrams also depict the CMs induced by configuration C (dotted line) for comparison. Acronyms: cf. Methods – Fig. 6.

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