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Figure 7

From: Identification of Comamonas testosteroni as an androgen degrader in sewage

Figure 7

Multiple alignment of amino acid sequences of 3, 4-DHSA dioxygenase (TesB) showing conserved regions in the TesB proteins that were used to design a tesB-specific gene probe.

(A) Comparison of the TesB sequences from androgen-degrading proteobacteria (Horinouchi et al.25): Comamonas (Com.) testosteroni TA 441, Pseudomonas putida DOC21, Shewanella (She.) pealeana ATCC 700345, She. halifaxensis HAW-EB4, Pseudoalteromonas (Pseudoalter.) haloplanktis TAC 125, Burkholderia (Bur.) cenocepacia J2315, Ralstonia (Ral.) eutropha H16, and Cupriavidus (Cup.) taiwanensis LMG 19424. (B) Conserved nucleotide sequence regions of the corresponding tesB genes. (C) Deduced primer pairs for detecting tesB genes. M = A + C, R = A + G, S = G + C, Y = C + T, W = A + T, B = T + G + C, and H = A + T + C. Reverse type (white on black) indicates mismatches to the degenerate primers.

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