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Figure 7

From: Whole Chromosome Instability induces senescence and promotes SASP

Figure 7

W-CIN induced senescent cells secrete CLEC11A.

(a) Levels of CLEC11A secreted in the CM of each SMC1 and BUB1-depleted cell line. (b) Fold expression of CLEC11A mRNA levels normalized to GAPDH in W-CIN-induced senescent and SEN cells and (c) Paraquat (PQ, black and white stripe bar) or Bleomycin (Bleo, gray bar)-induced senescence relative to untreated cells (UNT, white bar). (d–g) Secretion levels of SASP factors that significantly correlate with W-CIN levels: (d) CLEC11A, (e) CCL2, (f) CCL27 and (g) MIF. (h) Bright field representative images of SA-βgal staining in EV, shS2 and SEN fibroblasts 45 days after lentiviral transduction. (i) Quantification of SA-βgal and MKI67 positively stained fibroblasts 45 days after lentiviral transduction. (*) Indicates significant differences (p < 0.05) from EV cells tested by One-way ANOVA. Data are expressed as mean ± SD (n = 3).

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