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Figure 4

From: Chronic stress prior to pregnancy potentiated long-lasting postpartum depressive-like behavior, regulated by Akt-mTOR signaling in the hippocampus

Figure 4

Photomicrographs and quantification of cell proliferation in the hippocampus of PPD-like mice at 3 weeks postpartum and the effects of chronic fluoxetine treatment.

BrdU immunoreactivity was detected in the dentate gyrus of hippocampus in control (con, C), stress-only (str, S), parturition-only (par, P) and stress +parturition (SP) groups in the saline (Sal) or fluoxetine (Flx) treatment condition. Left panels (AD) represent photomicrographs of saline-treated groups, and right panels (EH) represent those of fluoxetine-treated groups. The bottom panel shows the quantification of cell proliferation in each group (I), n = 6/group. Data represent mean ± SEM. **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001, compared to control group; ##p < 0.01, ###p < 0.001, compared to stress only group; Δp < 0.05, ΔΔΔp < 0.001, compared to parturition group.

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