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Figure 6

From: Early Miocene amber inclusions from Mexico reveal antiquity of mangrove-associated copepods

Figure 6

Representative present-day members of principal harpacticoid families preserved in Chiapas amber inclusions.

(a–d) Darcythompsoniidae; (e,f) Ectinosomatidae; (g–i) Cletodidae. (a,d,e,g–i) dorsal view; (b,c,f) lateral view. (a) Darcythompsonia fairliensis (T. Scott, 1899) (♀). (b) D. fairliensis (♂), urosome (arrow indicating bifid, dorsal spinous process on anal somite). (c) Horsiella brevicornis (von Douwe, 1904) (♂). (d) Leptocaris pori Lang, 1965 (♀). (e) Halectinosoma ornatum Lang, 1965 (♀). (f) Pseudobradya pulchera Lang, 1965 (♀). (g) Stylicletodes longicaudatus (Brady, 1880). (h) Enhydrosoma hopkinsi Lang, 1965. (i) Cletodes hartmannae Lang, 1965.

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