Table 3 Study sites and atolls with indicated the presence or absence of human settlement (uninhabited or resort), the two types of locations (lagoon or oceanic reefs), latitude, and longitude.

From: Coral recovery in the central Maldives archipelago since the last major mass-bleaching, in 1998

Atoll Type Site Position Latitude Longitude
North Male Uninhabited Udhafushi Lagoon 4 18.47′N 73 30.14′E
North Male Resort Bandos Lagoon 4 16.26′N 73 29.29′E
Ari Atoll Resort Velidhu Lagoon 4 11.34′N 72 49.10′E
Ari Atoll Resort Fesdu Lagoon 4 0.31′N 72 48.35′E
North Male Uninhabited Rasfari Oceanic 4 36.19′N 73 35.90′E
South Male Uninhabited Emboodhu Oceanic 4 7.77′N 73 28.19′E
North Male Uninhabited KudaKandu Oceanic 4 36.19′N 73 35.90′E