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Figure 6

From: High-resolution 3D volumetry versus conventional measuring techniques for the assessment of experimental lymphedema in the mouse hindlimb

Figure 6

3D volume and circumference measurements with MRI.

(a–c) The two types of measurement correlated (a) but 3D volumetry revealed markedly higher limb ratios, as depicted by Bland-Altman analysis (b). Dashed line = mean difference between ratios; dotted line = double standard deviation; n = 48; day 3-10 = black to bright grey circles; non-operated control limbs = white circles. (c) Limb ratios based on 3D volumes were consistently higher throughout the course of the study (3D volume: black circles; circumference: white circles; n = 3 for each time point; mean ± SEM; *p < 0.05).

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