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Figure 5

From: High-resolution 3D volumetry versus conventional measuring techniques for the assessment of experimental lymphedema in the mouse hindlimb

Figure 5

The distal TF-joint as landmark for standardized 3D limb volumetry.

(a–e) The distal TF-joint was located in the distal third of the mouse hindlimb, as shown in an illustration (a) and 3D reconstruction of the hindlimb skeleton (b). It could be reliably localized in axial images of 3D modalities (c,d,e). Proximal to the TF-joint (c), both tibia (white arrowhead) and fibula (black arrowhead) were detectable. More distally, the two bones articulated (d, arrow). The level of the TF-joint was used for MRI-based calculations of limb circumference. (a) was drawn by Carol De Simio (University Hospital Zurich).

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