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Figure 4

From: High-resolution 3D volumetry versus conventional measuring techniques for the assessment of experimental lymphedema in the mouse hindlimb

Figure 4

Correlation between different 3D volumetry modalities.

(a–f) Linear correlations (a,c,e) and Bland-Altman plots (b,d,f) of 3D volumetry using the gluteal fold as landmark. Hindlimb volumes are illustrated in grey scale with non-operated controls (white circles) and operated limbs (day 3–10: black to bright grey circles). The volumes calculated with the gluteal fold landmark correlated poorly among the 3D modalities and led to a random distribution of the volumes without the expected grouping into control and operated hindlimb volumes. (g–l) After standardized measuring with the distal TF-joint landmark, 3D volumetry exhibited good correlations (g,i,k). However, the higher the hindlimb volumes, the higher the measurement variability was as shown in Bland-Altman analyses (h,j,l; black circles). Dashed line = mean difference between volume measurements; dotted line = double standard deviation; n = 48.

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