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Figure 3

From: High-resolution 3D volumetry versus conventional measuring techniques for the assessment of experimental lymphedema in the mouse hindlimb

Figure 3

Interobserver variability of hindlimb volumetry modalities.

(a–l) μCT showed the highest correlation between two observers (a) and a low measurement variability (b) compared to other modalities as assessed by linear correlation (a,c,e,g,i,k) and Bland-Altman analyses (b,d,f,h,j,l). Despite low interobserver variability, MRI, hrUS, planimetry and MRI-measured circumference were associated with higher measurement variations (c–j). Dashed line = mean difference between observers; dotted line = double standard deviation. n = 48 for μCT, MRI, hrUS, MRI circumference and caliper; n = 42 for planimetry.

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