Figure 3 : Microplastic fibers were fluorescently dyed using Nile Red and successfully incorporated into a microplastic uptake experiment.

From: A novel method for preparing microplastic fibers

Figure 3

Micrographs: (a) fluorescent PET MFs (23 × 100 μm) at 515–560 nm excitation; (b) fluorescent PP MF (28 × 100 μm) at 450–490 nm excitation; (c) fluorescent Nylon MFs (10 × 40 μm; yellow arrows) in the intestinal tract of a 50 h.p.f. brine shrimp (Artemia sp.), with 515–560 nm fluorescent excitation. Images taken at x25–200 magnification (Zeiss Observer Z1; AxioVision LE). Photographed by Dr Matthew Cole.