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Figure 2

From: Inter-isoform Hetero-dimerization of Human UDP-Glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs) 1A1, 1A9 and 2B7 and Impacts on Glucuronidation Activity

Figure 2

Co-IP analysis of cell lysates from UGT1A1, 1A9 and 2B7 double expression systems.

Sf9 cells were co-infected with UGT1A1*NCFP/1A9*NHA, UGT1A1*NCFP/2B7*NHA, or UGT1A9*NCFP/2B7*NHA baculovirus. Cell lysates from double expression systems were immunoprecipitated with anti-HA beads followed by Western blot analysis using anti-UGT1A and anti-UGT2B7 antibodies. Images A to H represent Western blot results of cell lysates from UGTA1*NCFP/1A9*NHA, UGTA1*NCFP/2B7*NHA, UGTA9*NCFP/2B7*NHA double expression systems. The full-length blots are presented in Fig. S4.

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