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Figure 1

From: Pre-fusion F is absent on the surface of formalin-inactivated respiratory syncytial virus

Figure 1

Antigenicity of RSV prefusion F and postfusion F.

(a) Infectious respiratory syncytial viral particles display F surface glycoprotein in both pre-F and post-F conformations. (b) Surfaces of pre- and post-F (PDB IDs 4JHW and 3RRR, respectively) highlight each monomeric subunit of trimeric F in shades of grey. Representative neutralizing monoclonal antibodies targeting RSV F either bind to sites only on the surface of pre-F (AM14 (orange), D25 & 5C4 (red)) or to sites present on the surfaces of both pre- and post-F (Motavizumab (yellow)). (c) Dots of pre-F, post-F, Heat Inactivated (HI-) pre-F, Formalin Inactivated (FI-) pre-F, RSV or FI-RSV are applied to a nitrocellulose membrane and blotted with antibodies motavizumab, AM14, D25 and 5C4 similarly to a Western blot (Nadala 1999).

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