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Figure 3

From: Comparative efficacy and safety of urate-lowering therapy for the treatment of hyperuricemia: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Figure 3

Odds ratios (ORs) with corresponding 95% confidence intervals (95% CIs) for efficacy and safety of drugs according to network estimates.

Treatments are reported in efficacy-ranking order. Data in light blue represent efficacy, and the column treatment is compared with the row treatment. For efficacy, OR less than 1 favours the treatment in the column. Data in pink are results on safety, where the row treatment is compared with the column treatment. For safety, OR less than 1 favours the treatment in the row. The results with significant differences are bold. ALLO = allopurinol, FEBU1 = febuxostat 20 mg/day, FEBU2 = febuxostat 40 mg/day, FEBU3 = febuxostat 60 mg/day, FEBU4 = febuxostat 80 mg/day, FEBU5 = febuxostat 120 mg/day, FEBU6 = febuxostat 240 mg/day, BENZ = benzbromarone, PROB = probenecid, PEGL1 = pegloticase 8 mg every 2 weeks, PEGL2 = pegloticase 8 mg every 4 weeks, PLA = placebo.

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