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Figure 2

From: Comparative efficacy and safety of urate-lowering therapy for the treatment of hyperuricemia: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Figure 2

Network meta-analysis for indirect treatment comparisons.

The network geometry is composed of nodes and edges. The size of nodes and the thickness of edges were weighted by the sample size and number of trials, respectively. A lack of lines indicates that there were no head-to-head trials between two treatments. ALLO = allopurinol, FEBU1 = febuxostat 20 mg/day, FEBU2 = febuxostat 40 mg/day, FEBU3 = febuxostat 60 mg/day, FEBU4 = febuxostat 80 mg/day, FEBU5 = febuxostat 120 mg/day, FEBU6 = febuxostat 240 mg/day, BENZ = benzbromarone, PROB = probenecid, PEGL1 = pegloticase 8 mg every 2 weeks, PEGL2 = pegloticase 8 mg every 4 weeks, PLA = placebo.

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