Figure 3 : Classification results for auditory stimuli /aba/ and /ada/.

From: McGurk illusion recalibrates subsequent auditory perception

Figure 3

(A) Voxel selection for classification. The slices (y = −20, z = 6, x = −52) display the significant group activity map of voxels in primary and secondary auditory cortex that were most active during the localizer (syllables > baseline). The classification analysis was restricted to voxels from this mask. (B) While /aba/ (left bar) and /ada/ stimuli (right bar) that were perceived as such were classified correctly above chance, auditory /aba/ stimuli that were perceived as /ada/ (middle bars) were not classified as ‘aba’ but rather more as ‘ada’. (+p < 00.1, *p < 0.05).