Figure 2 : Behavioral results.

From: McGurk illusion recalibrates subsequent auditory perception

Figure 2

(A) McGurk after-effect. More ‘ada’ percepts during auditory /aba/ stimuli preceded by fused McGurk stimuli (perceived as ‘ada’) compared to the other stimuli (auditory /aba/, /ada/, /aga/, audiovisual congruent /aba/, /aga/). (B) No perceptual priming. Perceiving ‘ada’ did not increase the probability of perceiving ‘ada’ on the next trial. Other stimuli refer to the remaining auditory stimuli, i.e. /aba/ and /aga/. (n.s. non-significant, +p < 0.1,*p < 0.05; **p < 0.01).