Figure 5 : NAGly-induced effects are mediated via GPR18 in human spermatozoa.

From: Characterization of non-olfactory GPCRs in human sperm with a focus on GPR18

Figure 5

Quantification of acrosomal exocytosis (categories III-IV) upon co-stimulation of 1 μM NAGly and the selective GPR18 antagonists PSB-CB5 (1 μM) and PSB-CB27 (1 μM) using PNA-FITC. Stimulated cells (NAGly + antagonist) were compared to control cells (0.1% DMSO); four independent samples with a sperm population ranging from 143 to 260 cells per single experimental condition were analyzed. Values show the mean ± SEM (**p < 0.01, Student’s t-test).