Figure 2 : Treatment with CSF1R inhibitor did not affect cognitive function in the intact animals.

From: Elimination of microglia improves cognitive function following cranial irradiation

Figure 2

Unirradiated (0 Gy) adult mice received PLX5622 (1200 mg/kg) or control chow for one month and tested on the hippocampal- and medial pre-frontal cortex (mPFC)-dependent cognitive function tasks (novel object recognition, NOR; object in place, OIP and fear conditioning, FC, A–C). The discrimination Index (DI), calculated as ([Novel location exploration time/Total exploration time] − [Familiar location exploration time/Total exploration time]) × 100. PLX5622 treatment did not affect cognitive function as indicated by indistinguishable performance of 0 Gy + PLX5622 and 0 Gy groups. Data are presented as mean ± SEM (N = 8–10 mice/group).