Figure 3 : MCAs transition from spherical to elliptical shapes over time.

From: Composite alginate gels for tunable cellular microenvironment mechanics

Figure 3

(a) Fluorescence and phase contrast images from day 7–day 17. The red arrows show the beginning of the transition. (b) The Average aspect ratio of the MCAs at different time point in the gels of different stiffnesses over time shows that more of the MCAs in the stiffest gel (E = 5.29 kPa) are becoming elliptical. Mean is shown from four separate experiments, with 40 to 100 MCAs at each time point for each culture condition. Error bars are standard error of the mean. For statistical analysis we did t-test or Mann-Whitney test depending on the data distribution for each time point and P-values are between 0.3–0.6 which shows there is not a statistically significant difference in the results. (c) The elliptical shape transition in the MCA is more related to stiffness of the substrate than the volume increase of the MCAs.