Figure 3 : The effect of average AoA on the neural dynamics of native novel word-forms in the attend condition.

From: Individual language experience modulates rapid formation of cortical memory circuits for novel words

Figure 3

(a) Individual magnitude of response change at ~50 ms to native novel word-forms in the attend condition was predicted by the average AoA of non-native languages (top). The later the AoA, the greater the response increase. Waveforms and histograms of response dynamics of the native novel word-forms in each quartile subgroup (Q1–Q4) of average AoA are presented below the regression plot; subjects with the lowest average AoA in Q1 and those with the highest average AoA in Q4. Error bars denote s.e.m. (b) The group-level response curve and scalp distribution early and late in exposure at the learning-related peak ~50 ms (denoted by the circle) post divergence point where the response increase was significant25. The later peak at 150 ms did not demonstrate learning-related dynamics25. (c) Scalp distributions of the difference between early and late stages of exposure for the first and last quartiles and the subtraction of their distributions.