Figure 3 : Thermographic assessment of the heat generation in vitro.

From: Single Particle and PET-based Platform for Identifying Optimal Plasmonic Nano-Heaters for Photothermal Cancer Therapy

Figure 3

(a) Illustration of the assay using thermographic imaging to assess the laser mediated bulk heating. (b,c) Plots of the maximum absolute temperature in aqueous bulk solutions as a function of laser intensity measured in (b) 5 × 1010 nanoparticle/mL solutions or (c) 5 × 108 nanoparticle/mL solutions of AuNSs (blue circle), 80 nm AuNPs (red diamonds), 150 nm AuNPs (yellow squares), and saline (grey stars). The laser intensity was 0.58 W/cm2.