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Figure 3

From: Acute effects of ferumoxytol on regulation of renal hemodynamics and oxygenation

Figure 3

No changes in physiological parameters by ferumoxytol during hypoxic challenge.

Relative changes in arterial blood pressure, renal blood flow, cortical and medullary tissue perfusion (Flux) and cortical and medullary tissue oxygen tension (pO2) upon a hypoxic challenge (inspiratory oxygen 10%) at cumulative ferumoxytol doses of 0 (Control), 6, 10 and 41 mg Fe/kg body mass (6 FO, 10 FO, 41 FO). Data at time 260 sec indicate that all variables had returned to baseline values at the end of the respective recovery period (200 sec of normoxia). Data are mean ± SEM.

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