Figure 3 : Biostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy of the middle–upper Norian.

From: Bolide impact triggered the Late Triassic extinction event in equatorial Panthalassa

Figure 3

Stratigraphic profiles of Os isotope ratios9, organic carbon isotopes, mass accumulation rates of biogenic silica, and radiolarian biostratigraphy in bedded cherts of the Sakahogi section. Biostratigraphic ranges of 29 radiolarian species in the study interval at Sakahogi show extinctions of middle Norian species (red) corresponding with successive blooms of opportunistic species (purple) and radiations of new species (blue). Dashed lines mark the initial (D1) and second (D2) phases of diversification of upper Norian radiolarian species. For an explanation of radiolarian taxon ranges, see Supplementary Table S4.