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Figure 3

From: Temporal tuning in the bat auditory cortex is sharper when studied with natural echolocation sequences

Figure 3

Quantification of suppression induced by behaviorally relevant intercall time intervals.

(a) Raster plots of a unit showing sound level dependent suppression. Suppression rate (SR) for each sound level is indicated. (b) PSTHs of the unit for each sound level and each stimulus situation (element = orange; sequence = blue). Organization as in Fig. 2. (c) Boxplots (whiskers represent 5–95% percentile) showing the suppression rates of all multi-units. (d) Boxplots (whiskers represent 5–95% percentile) showing the bandwidth differences between sequence and element situation for each sound level. Friedman and Dunn’s multiple comparison post hoc test in (c,d) (**p < 0.01; *** p = < 10−5). See also Supplementary Fig. 2.

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