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Figure 1

From: Temporal tuning in the bat auditory cortex is sharper when studied with natural echolocation sequences

Figure 1

Natural echolocation sequence used as stimulus for electrophysiology recordings.

(a) Oscillogram and spectrogram of the echolocation sequence. The sound pressure levels at the maximal level ranged between 36–77 dB SPL. The intensities of selected call-echo elements are indicated in blue and green for call and echo, respectively. Echo delays ranged from 22.8 to 1.1 ms. The temporal delays between call and echo are indicated in the lower part of the oscillogram for selected call-echo elements. (b,c) Magnified oscillogram, spectrogram and power spectrum from two example call-echo elements with echo delays of 16 and 3 ms (1024 samples; Hanning window). See also Supplementary Table 1.

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