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Figure 1

From: Mantle Subduction and Uplift of Intracontinental Mountains: A Case Study from the Chinese Tianshan Mountains within Eurasia

Figure 1

Geomorphological and Tectonic features of the Tianshan Mountains.

(A) Study area and earthquakes that were used for the formation of the receiver function image, which were selected from more than 500 earthquakes from a USGS database that was created during this study’s data collection. (B) Geomorphologic and tectonic features of the Tianshan Mountains, which show their segmentation with latitude and zoning with longitude, Cenozoic faults36 and Paleozoic subduction zones9,11,12,13,14,62, the asymmetry of structural deformation near the surface on both sides12, the crust’s velocity and direction from GPS data60,61 and the clockwise rotation of the Tarim Blocks22,40. The primary DEM data that were used for the geomorphological features in (B) are in the SRTM GTOPO 30 format and were provided by NASA and downloaded from in 2010. The figure was generated using ArcMap v10.1 ( and processed by CorelDRAW X7 (

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