Figure 1 : Angular variation of the resistance of Sr0.10Bi2Se3.

From: Rotational symmetry breaking in the topological superconductor SrxBi2Se3 probed by upper-critical field experiments

Figure 1

Lower panel: Resistance of Sr0.10Bi2Se3 as a function of angle θ at B = 0.4 T and temperatures between 2.0 K (bottom) and 3.0 K (top). The angle θ = 3° corresponds to B I and θ = 93° to B || I as indicated by arrows. The current direction is along the a-axis, with a precision of several degrees. The data are measured with increasing angle, and reproduce when the rotation direction is reversed, apart from a small backlash in the rotator of 2°. Upper panel: R(θ) in the normal state at T = 3.0 K and B = 8 T. The solid line shows R(θ) can be described by a sin θ function.