Figure 1 : Index map and seismograms in Nepal and India for Gorkha earthquake.

From: Widespread ground motion distribution caused by rupture directivity during the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake

Figure 1

(a) Hypocentres of the main shock and largest aftershock are indicated by red and yellow stars. We located the source fault of the earthquake (white rectangle) based on aftershock data and the quick GCMT solution. Red curves with triangles represent the MFT. (b) Ground velocities observed by DMG11 in Kathmandu during the main shock (top), and ground accelerations observed in northern India along the MFT, compiled by NGRI12 (lower). Accelerations in forward and backward directions of fault rupture propagation were plotted in lower right and left halves, respectively. The map was generated using Generic Mapping Tools40 4 (