Figure 2 : Identification and biological activity of N-acylaspartates.

From: Lipid Discovery by Combinatorial Screening and Untargeted LC-MS/MS

Figure 2

(A) Alignment of XIC peaks of the [M+H]+ precursor and head group fragment (upper panel) identified NAAsp 20:4, consistently with the structure of its molecular ion (B) and independent analysis of the synthesised molecule (lower panel). (C) Shh-LIGHT2 cell reporter assay showing that NAAsp inhibit Hedgehog (Hh) signalling. Hh activation after stimulation with Smoothened agonist (SAG) or non-sterol-modified Shh was reduced by 15 μM of NAAsp 16:0; NAAsp 18:2; NAAsp 20:4; NAE 20:4 (positive control) and O-acylguanosine 18:1 (negative control) (n = 3). (D) NAAsp (10 μM) did not interact with CB2 and very weakly with CB1 receptors; they also did not inhibit FAAH. Ctrl stands for negative control; SR141716A (1 μM); SR144528 (1 μM) and URB597 (0.1 μM) are synthetic blockers serving as positive controls. (n = 4; *p < 0.05; **p < 0.001 and ***p < 0.0005 vs control).