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Figure 1

From: The hidden teeth of sloths: evolutionary vestiges and the development of a simplified dentition

Figure 1

Lateral view of three-dimensional reconstruction of CT-scans of skull in the three-toed sloth Bradypus.

(A) Bradypus variegatus (ZMB 33812), SL = 23 mm; (B) Bradypus variegatus (ZMB 41122), SL = 26 mm; (C) Bradypus variegatus (MNHN-ZM-MO-1995-326A), SL = 26 mm; (D) Bradypus variegatus (ZMB 41120), SL = 42 mm; (E) Bradypus tridactylus (BMNH 52-1173), SL = 42 mm; (F) Bradypus sp. (MNHN-ZM-MO-1995-327), SL = 38 mm. Upper teeth are in violet; lower teeth are in green; premaxillary bone is in red.

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